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Support the US Teams at Nephi, UT

Breaking news: Fly in the back seat with YO in the upcoming Nephi, Ut. Sports class Nats. (June 19-28) Your minimum donation of $300 will directly benefit the US Junior Team Fund. Contact Dave Nadler (YO) ArcusM (dave.nadler@nadler.com) Max. passenger wt. 200lbs 
Dave will offer the same at the Open Class Nats in Uvalde in August.

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Webinar Series

Please register now for the upcoming seminars.

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Please support SSA Junior Development

Please support SSA Junior Development of contests, camps, grants, and symposiums.  More information at https://juniors.ssa.org.

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Proposed Changes to Pilot Selection of US Team

Proposed changes to the process by which pilots are selected to US Teams for international soaring competitions. 

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Soaring In The News

Photo #14342 | USJrs Logo Tight.jpg Photo #14343 | USTeam Logo Tight.jp
 Juniors  US Team
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