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SSA 2015 Eagle Fund Campaign Has Launched

Photo #11760 | blanikYou may have read in the recent SSA eNews that the Growth and Development Committee has approved the creation of an “airshow bird” to use as a static display at airshows and community events. Your donations will help the dream come alive and will make a beautiful sailplane out of this dull piece of metal. Watch the transformation by reading the blogs posted here



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SSA Paper Gliders

The SSA was recently asked by the FAA about what we had for youth.  Apart from our Cadet Intro membership and scholarships, we were a bit stymied.  The SSA Youth Committee secured permission to use a couple of designs for paper gliders, embellished with SSA logos and links, for use in promotion and education about gliders and soaring flight.  These design plans are available for download in PDF format.  It does require printing the parts sheets on card stock.  These are simple, yet not trivial, designs and will require some time and effort to complete, but they do fly well.  We encourage making them available locally for use at aviation events and when introducing youth to soaring.

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Sailplane Tracker now Supported on iOS

GlidePort Software and SSA are proud to announce the addition of mobility to the Sailplane Tracker application. IPhone and IPad compatibility are now available for use. For maximum screen size please add the application to your home screen. Additionally there is now a “notification” feature. By navigating directly to the GlidePort web site and registering you may designate friends under your personal settings > notifications tab. You will now be notified by email when the Sailplane Tracker recognizes the activation of your friends SPOT or InReach tracker. The SSA encourages all members to add a picture to your profile page. These profile pictures are now displayed in your track info bubble. Our thanks to GlidePort for these new features.

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Soaring In The News

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'Soaring' Featured Article


In the August 2014 issue, about the sailplane tracking system, which is very enlightening. Here is a small snippet of the article for those new to the tracking system, to help get you started. Your friends and family will be albe to follow you anytime you're in the cockpit. 

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